The Natural Tube Feeding Recipe Book is available for purchase in a digital format.
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  • 20 tested recipes presented with colour photos
  • Nutritional information for each recipe
  • Expensive high power blender NOT required
  • Detailed information on using blended food for tube feeding and adjustment of recipes for individual needs
  • No risk--- full refund with no questions asked if you are unsatisfied in any way
  • Hundreds of happy customers in over 18 countries!

Are you a health care practitioner looking for patient resources? This recipe book is protected by copyright and may only be used for single-use direct patient education purposes. It is not transferrable and may not be copied or re-used. Contact Claire to inquire about recipe licensing for your practice or institution.

Ratings & Reviews


Canada (Montreal)

10 June 2020


Worth the price! Beautiful work here. Every recepe is healthy AND smell, taste et look good. Plus : those are easy to do. My daughter was on formula and was vomiting a lot. This is over with the natural tube feeding. So happy! Thank you Claire.

Lorna Hastings


6 June 2020


This book has been such an amazing help and has boosted my confidence with feeding my son a blended diet. All recipes are easy to make and have just a few simple ingredients. Being from the UK my only difficulty has been trying to translate the ‘cup’ terminology, so like a previous review suggests, the next time it would be good to have some metric weights for those other people around the world. Thank you and I am looking forward to the next one!

Natalie Muller


3 May 2020


Love love love this book. It’s really helped me understand blended diet for my daughter. I can’t wait to get going with some of the recipes xx

Carla S

United States

8 March 2020


3 reasons I'm really happy with this book- 1) It's proof that tube fed people can have yummy food too 2) Ingredients are super simple, nothing weird or hard to find 3) the nutrition info means that I know how many calories my son is getting. No guessing, no worrying. Oh and our team dietitian is happy with it too.

Lauren D


9 June 2020


We are just starting our transition to home based blends but I am so thrilled that I have this guide with easy and nutritious meals I can provide for my son. I have been doubling the recipes, portioning them out and freezing. This is working brilliantly, thank you Claire 💕



18 May 2020


We’re really pleased with the ebook. The recipes are great for our toddler who is exclusively tube fed through a 14Fr mic-key gtube. We use the same mix over two days and it keeps fresh in the fridge. Everything blends really nicely and we’ve enjoyed tasting his food too. It’s easier if you have an American (cups) measurer. Maybe a future version could include metric weights for non American/Canadian families?!
We’re thrilled, thank you for making food prep easy and tasty!!



3 April 2020


Book is fine, but o think your price is way to high, we have enough expenses to begin with. I’ve bought digital books before that included a mailed paper version and they were in the $9.00 to $12.00 range.

Response from Natural Tube Feeding- Thank you for your feedback. The pricing reflects the extensive time, energy and expertise necessary to create the content of this book. The recipes and tube feeding information in the book are developed by an expert clinical dietitian and includes detailed nutritional analysis. This contributes to the price. Since you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you are entitled to a refund as per our satisfaction guarantee, please contact me by email. ~Claire



6 March 2020


This book has helped our family immensely. There aren't a lot of resources for people who want a blended diet. I'm very grateful we found this book.