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Blended diet tube feeding recipes

Beyond the Basics

Covering everything you need to know for success at home on blenderized tube feeding.

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Info For All Ages

Whether you yourself are tube fed or you are a caregiver for a tube fed child, adolescent or adult, this course is for you.

Online Video Library

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of you home. This course is presented in a series of videos that you can watch anytime you need.


Recipe Design

Learn how to create your own nutritious and healthy recipes for tube feeding.

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Access To An Expert

Your teacher is a Registered Dietitian and leading expert on blended diets for tube feeding. Available to you for questions!

Bonus Resources

Simple, informative handouts to recap important lessons. Print as needed to have all the key messages available for reference.


Lesson 1:

Orientation & Meet Claire

In this first video we’ll cover how the course works, what to do if you have technical difficulties and how to ask questions. You’ll also meet your instructor and learn why she is passionate about blended diets and how this makes her unique as a clinical dietitian.

Lesson 2:

Blended Diet Overview

You’ll learn what a blended diet is and how this tube feeding option can be used instead of, or in addition to, commercial tube feeding formula. We’ll review the risks & benefits of this tube feeding option so that you’re completely informed and ready to make decisions.

Bonus: Printable information summary.

Lesson 3:

Making The Choice To Blend

Is a blended diet the right choice for you or your loved one? We’ll go over the important factors that should be considered before embarking on your blended diet journey. This includes consideration of health factors, tube type (Claire shows and explains G, J, GJ, and NG tubes), nutrition goals, available time, and professional support. Bonus: Printable decision support tool.

Lesson 4:

Getting Your Healthcare Team On Board

In this video, learn why your team may be uncomfortable with blended diets. Claire, a clinical dietitian with over 15 years of experience, gives the inside scoop and explains what keywords and messages will get your team to support you. Bonus: Printable list of talking points to help guide conversations with your team.

Lesson 5:

Blended Diet Basics

Here you will get a general overview of how to transition to blending, how to make blended meals (multiple approaches are presented), how to pick the best blender for any budget, how to keep your blends safe from foodborne illness (food safety), feeding method options and your choices for a blended diet during stays in hospital. Bonus: Printable food safety guidelines.

Lesson 6:

Blending Like A Pro

It’s time to get a better understanding of the nutritional content of various foods and their impact when blended. We’ll focus on nutrient-dense foods that are easy to prepare and blend. Learn food prep tips to save you time and energy. Bonus: Printable blended diet food list and grocery shopping tip sheet.

Lesson 7:

Meeting Nutritional Goals

Learn the Natural Tube Feeding simple system for blended diet recipe design. Have confidence that your blends are balanced and highly nutritious. Claire makes it easy! Bonus: You get the Natural Tube Feeding Recipe Design Tool Kit!

Lesson 8:

Blended Diet Demo!

Recipe design in action! In this in-depth demonstration, Claire will talk you though the important principles of recipe design to ensure the nutritional value of your blended meals. See a range of blend textures that will work for tube feeding and learn the fast way to strain out any food solids. You'll also learn how to safely feed blended food by pump, gravity and syringe administration.

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