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Claire Kariya teaches the Natural Tube Feeding Blended Diet Online Course. An online course that gives the information you need to prepare nutritious blended meals for tube feeding. It's the ultimate blenderized tube feeding course.



Orientation & Meet Claire

Watch Time:  4:29

Learn how the course works and meet your instructor. Find out how to submit your questions for the monthly Q&A emails and what to do if you have any trouble in the course.


Lesson 3

Getting Your Healthcare Team on Board

Watch Time: 15:06

Claire gives the inside scoop on what to say in order get your team on board with blending. 

Course Resource:

Speaking to Your Healthcare Team PDF

Lesson 6 

Keeping Your Blends Safe

Watch Time: 17:54

Claire explains how to prepare and store blended foods safely, in order to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination and food borne illness.

Course Resource:

Keeping Your Blends Safe PDF

Lesson 9

Blending Like a Pro

Watch Time: 18:42

Take your blending skills to the next level by learning more about important concepts such as calorie density and balance. Here, the "Intake Tracker" tool is explained and the "Think About Your Blend" algorithm is presented.

Course Resource:

Intake Tracker Tool PDF

Think About Your Blend Algorithm PDF

Lesson 12

Enjoying Your Blended Meals

Watch Time: 28:26

Claire explains and demonstrates how to administer blended food through a feeding tube. Three methods are presented: syringe (by push & by funnel/gravity), gravity and pump infusion.

Course Resource

None for this lesson

Lesson 1

Introduction to Blending

Watch Time: 21:06

Learn the basics and get informed. Different approaches for making blended meals are presented, and the potential benefits and challenges of blended diets are also discussed.

Course Resource:

Lesson Summary PDF

Lesson 4

Starting a Blended Diet

Watch Time: 16:38

Learn how to transition from formula to a blended diet. A range of approaches are presented and explained.

Course Resource:

None for this lesson

Lesson 7

Meeting Nutritional Goals

Watch Time: 24:40

Learn key blended diet principles including calorie density, protein adequacy, getting enough vitamins & minerals and making highly digestible blends.

Course Resource:

My Tube Feeding Plan PDF

Maximizing Calories & Protein PDF

Lesson 10

Sweet Potato & Protein Recipe Template Demo

Watch Time: 33:12

Blend with Claire! See how the 1st course recipe template can be used to create a huge range of different blends that are calorie dense and provide a consistent nutritional content and yield.

Course Resource

Sweet Potato & Protein Template PDF

Question Time!

Submit Your Questions

Watch Time: N/A

Submit your questions to Claire and she will answer them as part of the monthly Q&A email. You will have your own questions answered and learn from the other questions submitted by course participants.


Lesson 2

Making the Choice to Blend

Watch Time: 19:24

Is a blended diet right for you or your tube fed loved one? In this lesson we will review important factors that should be considered when making the decision to blend.

Course Resource:

Guide to Decision Making PDF

Lesson 5

Fundamental Equipment

Watch Time: 18:34

Claire invites you into her home kitchen to show you the equipment you'll need in order to make blended meals for tube feeding.

Course Resource:

Links to products shown

Lesson 8

Beyond the Basics

Watch Time: 32:46

We're back in the kitchen with Claire as she explains the "Plan My Blend" tool and talks through what to consider when choosing the ingredients for blended meals.

Course Resource:

Plan My Blend Tool PDF

Food Shopping List PDF

Lesson 11

Grains & Greens Recipe Template Demo

Watch Time: 10:23

See the 2nd course recipe template in action. Claire walks you through the recipe steps while explaining how you can exchange ingredients in the template while keeping a consistent nutritional content and yield. 

Course Resource

Grains & Greens Template PDF