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Whether you receive nutrition by mouth or by feeding tube, a healthy diet is essential for optimal well-being. 


Standard commercial tube feeding formula is designed to provide all essential nutrients, but take a close look at the ingredient panel. Water, sugar, and oil are likely the primary ingredients of this highly processed food. While there are cases where these products are the best option, whenever possible, fresh homemade food should be the basis of a person's diet, even if they are tube fed.

Research has shown that natural tube feeding (also known as blenderized tube feeding or a blended diet) is safe and easily digested. Most importantly it offers a way to nuture tube fed loved ones, share meals with family and friends, and optimize one's diet for better health.

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The ultimate blended diet recipe book for tube fed adults or children. Blenderized tube feeding recipes that are simple, nutritious, and the perfect texture for tube feeding. Volume and detailed nutritional analysis for every recipe.

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