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The ultimate blended diet recipe book for tube fed adults or children. Blenderized tube feeding recipes that are simple, nutritious, and the perfect texture for tube feeding. Volume and detailed nutritional analysis for every recipe.

Hundreds sold to happy customers in over 20 countries! It's an ebook, so you will receive it instantly by email after your purchase!

Want to make your own blended diet recipes? The Blended Diet Online Course has all the information you need -

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Whether a person eats by mouth or by feeding tube, it's important to have a wholesome and healthy diet.

Did you know that fresh homemade food can be blended with other fluids to create nutritious liquid meals for tube feeding? In fact, in many cases, store bought tube feeding formula is not the only option.

Research has shown that natural tube feeding (also known as blenderized tube feeding or a blended diet) is safe and easily digested. Most importantly- it offers a way to nurture tube fed loved ones with homemade food, share meals with family and friends, and optimize one's diet for better health.

To learn more about blenderized tube feeding and hear personal tube feeding stories, visit the blog. While you're here, make sure to explore the available blenderized tube feeding resources, including blended diet recipes and the blended diet online course.

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Explore the Natural Tube Feeding Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe -

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