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Create nutritious blended meals from scratch.

The Original Natural Tube Feeding Recipe eBook

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  • 1) dietitian designed and tested

    2) one calorie per ml or greater

    3) appropriate for gastric or jejunal tubes

    4) suitable for pump, syringe or gravity feeding

    5) for children (>1 year) or adults

    6) simple and inexpensive ingredients

    7) quick and easy to prepare

    8) appetizing and visually appealing

    9) high powered blender is NOT required

    10) meant to be shared with loved ones


    Plus- The Natural Tube Feeding recipe book provides expert guidance on the use of blended food for tube feeding: how to prepare blended food, time saving tips, achieving the right texture, how to enjoy blended meals by tube, food safety advice and recipe adjustment for individual requirements.


    Enjoy beautiful colour photographs on every page!


    ** Note- This is an ebook. When you make your purchase, you will immediately recieve the ebook download link. You can view the book on any device, or print it if you prefer a paper copy.


    ***Always inform your health care team of your intention to use blended food for tube feeding and get their approval before making any changes to your usual tube feeding regime***


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