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Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2021

It's likely that since you're here reading my blog, you or someone you love is tube fed. Especially when you're new to tube feeding, it can be stressful and overwhelming as you figure things out. There is not always a lot of support and sometimes it's hard to know where to get useful resources and connect with other tube fed people or caregivers of tube fed people.

Thankfully, there is an organization (run by volunteers!) that is trying to raise awareness about tube feeding and provide useful resources for people who care for tube fed children- the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation.

Every February, the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation organizes a week dedicated to building awareness about tube feeding and the positive benefits that can be experienced from having a feeding tube. If you'd like to learn more, check out their website here.

One way that you can get involved is by posting about Feeding Tube Awareness Week on social media or any platform that you're comfortable with. Even just talking to your friends and family about tube feeding can help normalize this alternative way to receive essential nutrition.

Not sure what to post or how to get involved? Why not share one of these tube feeding illustrations...or better yet, use the blank colouring sheets to make your own!

Colouring Sheet PDFs:

Feeding Tube Awareness Kids Page
Download • 3.55MB
Feeding Tube Awareness Adults Page
Download • 2.78MB


By talking about tube feeding and being open about your experiences, other people gain a better understanding of tube feeding and the potential benefits it can provide to the people who need it. I hope that my website will help you on your tube feeding journey by providing information and inspiration. Check out the posts by guest contributors on this blog to hear other people's tube feeding stories. You might also want to read about my experience during last year's Feeding Tube Awareness Week when I drank tube feeding formula for 3 days! It's on the blog here.



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