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Blended Breakfast Ideas

Whether you or your loved-ones eat by mouth, or consume food through a feeding tube, breakfast should be a nourishing and pleasurable meal.

Food is always better shared, so I do my best to design recipes and meal plans that are composed of foods that are both enjoyable to eat and convenient to feed by tube.

Staple ingredients for a variety of tube fed breakfasts include- oats, juices, yogurt, eggs, greens, nut butters, toasted bread, fruit, milk, cereal, muffins

You’ll be amazed how simple it is to create a balanced blenderized breakfast in no time. Before blending, make sure you set aside a portion for your friends or family who eat by mouth so that everyone can enjoy the meal together.

You can blend your usual breakfast favourites, or try something new. An easy option is pureed oatmeal. Throw in some fruit for extra vitamins and don't forget the protein. Use milk instead of water (about 1 cup for every one cup of cooked oatmeal) as milk is a protein-containing liquid. For a big protein boost, consider adding eggs. A raw egg can be added to the oats when they are still piping hot and it will cook from the heat of the mixture. Then transfer the mixture to the blender, add milk or juice and blend until smooth. Or, you can scramble an egg or two and add them into the cooked oats before blending. For an easy plant-based protein boost, add a tablespoon or two of nut or seed butter. Bonus- nut butter provides healthy fat, an important nutrient to include for a balanced meal.

Looking to have a quiet morning, without the sound of the blender? No problem. Find the highest calorie and highest protein vanilla yogurt at your grocery store (this will probably be a 10% fat Greek yogurt). Mix equal parts yogurt and your favourite juice until its smooth and the right consistency for your tube feeding method. That's it!

Remember that your blended meal should be at room temperature before it's enjoyed by tube. Hot food can burn the delicate tissues of the stomach and bowel; while cold or icy foods can make you feel chilled. If you're looking for detailed guidance or personalized advice, contact Claire.


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